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[Music]: Just Call Me The Dark Knight
Sometimes I look myself in the mirror and am shocked by what I see.
So very shocked.
'Every time I look at myself, I can't believe how awesome I am!'

This time I'm awesome because I finally found out that I'm right despite claims to the contrary.
On tv right now there's this Zellers ad which wouldn't usually mean much, but Zellers has been going around and buying the rights to use some really cool music in their ads.

In this case there's this a song with the refrain:
la le la la
la la le la la
la le la la
la la le la

you know i love you
was'nt that hard to forgive you

Which by itself, is damn hard to track down.
But I did. Driven on by the fact that I was sure that I heard Tegan or Sara's voice from Tegan and Sara and I was really interested to know if this was a new single that I hadn't heard of before.

Others didn't think that it was them.

Well, unfortunately they were right.
Sort of.

Turned out that the song was La Le Lala by Kinnie Starr.

But after a little more checking, it turned out that Tegan Quinn did in fact do background vocals on that track.

So I just wanted all of you to know, that you should be amazed at how awesome I am.

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