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While visiting Jesse when he lived on Whisler St in an apartment he and I discovered that we were quite parched from yelling at each other during our Mario Kart Tournament Of Skill And Daring. The game was quickly put on pause and we braved the hallway towards the Convenience Store. Just out the door his neighbour's door opens and a very angry male head comes out threatening us and warning us to keep it down. Or Else.

I say a little louder than necessary (considering that it wasn't necessary at all...) "Simmer Down!" without even pausing a step.

The Angry Male Neighbour Man steps fully out of his appartment, not only armed with the threatening information request "WHAT DID YOU SAY!?" but also a baby in hand.

My mind crashes at this point and I keep walking not knowing whether or not this man wants to fight me while holding onto his baby or if he's just trying to be intimidating.

Walking seemed to be the right answer for the time being.
But apparently I should have been a little more fearful of what could have happened.

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