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[Net]: Why Scalping Doesn't Always Work Out.
Do you know a guy who bought a PS3 just to sell it on eBay? The one guy I know who as thinking about it decided to not get up that morning. It was really gross outside. He should consider himself lucky that he isn't this poor sap. I guess in all of the excitement over the launch there were so many PS3's on eBay that this one slipped through.

Check out the price it went for.
That's GOT to hurt.

The seller ended the auction early. His add said you could "buy it now" for $1250, but there was no buy it now option.

I'm guessing he got his $1250 under the table. I'm sure he wouldn't have ended it early for $10.

Still looks kinda funny though.
You think that hurts, imagine accidentally selling your PS3 for $0.99: OUCH!
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