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[Life]: Conversations
There are people that I love talking to online. Hendrix is one of them.

12:35:41 AM hendrix:
12:39:53 AM gram:
12:39:57 AM gram: seriously.
12:40:46 AM hendrix: hahahahahahahaha
12:40:49 AM hendrix: best picture ever
12:41:10 AM hendrix: saved it
12:41:12 AM gram: I think it's the same pirate costume.
12:41:13 AM gram: ha.
12:41:20 AM hendrix: hahahahahahahahaha
12:41:23 AM hendrix: oh shit
12:41:23 AM hendrix: it is
12:41:25 AM hendrix: hahahahahahahaha
12:42:05 AM gram: even the spike shoes.
12:42:34 AM hendrix: hahaha

I think it's because he's so happy.

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