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[News]: Lucknow Bridges Falling Down
Two things.
First of all, WTF. I can't use my blogger account anymore? It's a Google account now? My fingers had worked very hard at memorizing that login and now it's gone. Useless. Deleted from usefulness by Hire Powers. Ugh.

Actual Topical Link
Another bridge has fallen down in Ontario. This time it's two hundred kilometers west of Toronto. Or as I like to think of it, as my back yard. What stood out first to me in this article? The TO reference. Since when was everything described geographically as how far it is from Toronto. The map isn't enough?

Here's a tip to those of you who might be asked for information from The Media.
Know your shit.

The Police Officer who claims to be from the region didn't know the status of the bridge before it fell. I don't mean "stable" or "tippy". I don't mean "new bridge under construction" or "repair work being done to existing bridge". I mean "open" or "closed" to the public.

The construction on this bridge has been causing me a pain in the ass since the beginning of summer. Ever since they started repair work on the bridge, the road has been closed and there has been no public access. I realize that it might be OK for an officer to not know which roads in his region have been closed for months, but when you don't know shit about a subject, don't accept a request for an interview from The Media. Because you end up bullshitting and SOMEONE out there knows that you're full of it.

This time, I'm one of those people.

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