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[Life]: Conversations
There are people that I love talking to online. Hendrix is one of them.

12:35:41 AM hendrix:
12:39:53 AM gram:
12:39:57 AM gram: seriously.
12:40:46 AM hendrix: hahahahahahahaha
12:40:49 AM hendrix: best picture ever
12:41:10 AM hendrix: saved it
12:41:12 AM gram: I think it's the same pirate costume.
12:41:13 AM gram: ha.
12:41:20 AM hendrix: hahahahahahahahaha
12:41:23 AM hendrix: oh shit
12:41:23 AM hendrix: it is
12:41:25 AM hendrix: hahahahahahahaha
12:42:05 AM gram: even the spike shoes.
12:42:34 AM hendrix: hahaha

I think it's because he's so happy.

[News]: Lucknow Bridges Falling Down
Two things.
First of all, WTF. I can't use my blogger account anymore? It's a Google account now? My fingers had worked very hard at memorizing that login and now it's gone. Useless. Deleted from usefulness by Hire Powers. Ugh.

Actual Topical Link
Another bridge has fallen down in Ontario. This time it's two hundred kilometers west of Toronto. Or as I like to think of it, as my back yard. What stood out first to me in this article? The TO reference. Since when was everything described geographically as how far it is from Toronto. The map isn't enough?

Here's a tip to those of you who might be asked for information from The Media.
Know your shit.

The Police Officer who claims to be from the region didn't know the status of the bridge before it fell. I don't mean "stable" or "tippy". I don't mean "new bridge under construction" or "repair work being done to existing bridge". I mean "open" or "closed" to the public.

The construction on this bridge has been causing me a pain in the ass since the beginning of summer. Ever since they started repair work on the bridge, the road has been closed and there has been no public access. I realize that it might be OK for an officer to not know which roads in his region have been closed for months, but when you don't know shit about a subject, don't accept a request for an interview from The Media. Because you end up bullshitting and SOMEONE out there knows that you're full of it.

This time, I'm one of those people.

[Life]: he said-she said??
Allow me to explain how this feels.
It feels like I went to you wanting to talk about this.
it feels like you thought it'd be funny to ignore it/me.
It feels like you came back to me later wanting to talk about it.
It feels like it's hard not to be pissed off.
It feels like I'm trying though.

[News]: Are You Too Emotional For Your Own Good?
Let me just say that it's not the 'emo kids' that I'm concerned about. It's the adults who made this story up.

[Net]: No Wildflowers Or Shame
I got a new sweater from jesse.
It says Blogger on the front.
I just put it on.

So here's a new post.
In which I have nothing to say, except that I've got it, and I'm man enough to admit it.

That, and for some reason I've had a weirdly high number of people saying that I smell good. And that disturbs me.
A Lot.

[News]: Not Going To Put This On Just To Get Shot At For Fun.
Wow. Armored Suit guy is back and he's come up with a brand new suit. This time, not for bears.

[News]: Ghost Riding The Wimps
I love popular culture.
I just love it SO much.
It seriously makes days worth waking up early for because of the endless glut of creatively new bad ideas. (which I almost always find so hilarious)

This mornings winner - Ghost Riding The Whip.
Not just a bad idea because it could end up killing your dumb ass, but because when your Mom finds out what you've been doing with her minivan the next vehicle you'll find yourself driving will be one that was made with seniors in mind.

[News]: Does this mean I'm evil?
I've got two choices here.
One article frustrates me, but the other one was pretty funny.

I'll let you decide which order to read them.


[News]: Tall People. Good For More Than Getting Cookie Jars
Seriously. Who knew?

Also, Hendrix pointed me towards the Mclusky's.
They rule in a kind of Pixies kind of way.
Sing it!

[Net]: Why Scalping Doesn't Always Work Out.
Do you know a guy who bought a PS3 just to sell it on eBay? The one guy I know who as thinking about it decided to not get up that morning. It was really gross outside. He should consider himself lucky that he isn't this poor sap. I guess in all of the excitement over the launch there were so many PS3's on eBay that this one slipped through.

Check out the price it went for.
That's GOT to hurt.

[Life]: I've Got The Right Side. You Take Left.
The new Canadian Forces ads are really good. Almost good enough to make me want to enlist.

<video ads>

[Music]: Just Call Me The Dark Knight
Sometimes I look myself in the mirror and am shocked by what I see.
So very shocked.
'Every time I look at myself, I can't believe how awesome I am!'

This time I'm awesome because I finally found out that I'm right despite claims to the contrary.
On tv right now there's this Zellers ad which wouldn't usually mean much, but Zellers has been going around and buying the rights to use some really cool music in their ads.

In this case there's this a song with the refrain:
la le la la
la la le la la
la le la la
la la le la

you know i love you
was'nt that hard to forgive you

Which by itself, is damn hard to track down.
But I did. Driven on by the fact that I was sure that I heard Tegan or Sara's voice from Tegan and Sara and I was really interested to know if this was a new single that I hadn't heard of before.

Others didn't think that it was them.

Well, unfortunately they were right.
Sort of.

Turned out that the song was La Le Lala by Kinnie Starr.

But after a little more checking, it turned out that Tegan Quinn did in fact do background vocals on that track.

So I just wanted all of you to know, that you should be amazed at how awesome I am.

[Net]: Why Use The Internet?
Hendrix just forwarded me an awesome WoW video that I had never seen before. Which wouldn't be hard since I've never seen any.

But for a first, it's definitely worth mentioning.

[Music]: Hendrix = Solo
Went and saw Hendrix' band The Live Amps play again last night. Super cool. This time they played at the Button Factory, which was about 1000 times better as a venue than the Circus Room. They sounded super great too. I got a real kick out of knowing some of the songs from last night.

It got me thinking back to when I was first introduced to Hendrix and his wacky ways.... I don't find it that hard to believe that eventually that, turned into this.

[Music]: Former Acquaintance
Veronica Mars has updated her opening credits this year. They're new, and shiny and look very stylish. More importantly The Dandy Warhols have recorded a new version of "We Used To Be Friends" to go along with it! The end product being something amazing for everyone.

I need a full track version of this song something fierce.

While visiting Jesse when he lived on Whisler St in an apartment he and I discovered that we were quite parched from yelling at each other during our Mario Kart Tournament Of Skill And Daring. The game was quickly put on pause and we braved the hallway towards the Convenience Store. Just out the door his neighbour's door opens and a very angry male head comes out threatening us and warning us to keep it down. Or Else.

I say a little louder than necessary (considering that it wasn't necessary at all...) "Simmer Down!" without even pausing a step.

The Angry Male Neighbour Man steps fully out of his appartment, not only armed with the threatening information request "WHAT DID YOU SAY!?" but also a baby in hand.

My mind crashes at this point and I keep walking not knowing whether or not this man wants to fight me while holding onto his baby or if he's just trying to be intimidating.

Walking seemed to be the right answer for the time being.
But apparently I should have been a little more fearful of what could have happened.

[Movies]: Half Way Down The Pile Of Spam I Found Gold!
So I found this old message from my dad that had ended up in SPAM land, which is a tragedy since this is one of the greatest uses of youtube I've ever seen.

Lets Put An End To Women's Suffrage
Note: This is comedy, and tragedy. Not a cause I support.

[Life]: My Pocket Is Lighter And My Brain Is Melting.
Catch up time.
It's been a busy two weeks for me.
I've bought a new 42 inch plasma TV and mounted it on my wall.
I've bought a new big awesome surround sound system and wired it around my room.
I've bought a new Rogers TV and Internet account and am currently watching Rick Mercer get drunk at a Riders tail gating party in high definition.

I work with this stuff all day, and seeing it in my place is blowing my mind.

[Life]: Dropping The Kids At The Pool.
Do you follow the rules?

[Music]: Back In The Hood.
Vacation's over.
Back in KW.
Rockin' Out to the old Love Songs.